Hi there! As the website name suggests, my name is Trisha, and no this website isn’t sales or marketing related—Sales IS my last name but contrary to popular belief, it is pronounced as sâl-lês and not sales.

I work as a Senior Salesforce.com Developer at an IT consulting firm somewhere in Makati, Philippines Senior Consultant for an IT consulting firm in the heart of New York City. When I am not writing code, I write random literary pieces such as poetry, vignettes, stories, and of course, posts for this blog. I have one self-published book, Heartstrung, and it’s a collection of poetry and vignettes that I have written from 2003-2013. I’ve been planning to produce local copies of the book in the Philippines but I am currently short on funding. For now it’s only available at Createspace, Amazon, and Kindle.

Apart from writing, I also like doing some crochet or reading a good book during my free time. Some other times I pick up a few pencils and draw when my creative juices are flowing.

If given the chance, I would also like to travel. South Korea, London, and France are just some of the places I would like to visit in the future.

I also love Fall Out Boy, JYJ, The Nerd Machine, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Christopher Gutierrez, and Jane Austen.

I support and promote independent artists from time to time. If you have anyone or anything to recommend, feel free to contact me.

This website was designed by me and has been around since 2009. It contains primarily blog and links to other blogs that I enjoy reading.

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