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NO FILTER: An original play by Millennials about Millennials

Every generation tries to rebel against the rules somehow. While the play’s tagline on the program says An original play by Millennials for Millennials about Millennials, I felt the need to omit the exclusivity of the phrase “for Millennials” because… Read More

PLAY IT FORWARD: A Campaign for Theatre Enthusiasts Everywhere!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post nor am I in any way affiliated with The Sandbox Collective and its staff or the cast of NO FILTER. I am merely a theatre enthusiast myself, who’d like to open… Read More

Music Mondays #3: Tahimik – Bingbong Badillo + Buhay Album Giveaway!

This would be the first time that I am featuring an original Filipino song on this blog and it’s a song that’s been on my playlist ever since I first listened to it. Bingbong Badillo was a schoolmate… Read More

#IWantMyNerdHQ 2014

I became a fan of Zachary Levi back in 2010 after I watched Disney’s Tangled and fell in love with Flynn Rider and his voice. It was only then that I got introduced to the TV Series Chuck which since… Read More

With Your Ten Pesos, You Can Help Build Ruhama Block by Block!

My friend Cars is a graduating student of Interior Design in UP Diliman. Every year the graduating batch of their degree has to choose what they should do for a semester-long project. To embody being Mga Iskolar ng… Read More