What do you do when you’ve got your fangirling mode on?


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So I know I promised last week I’d make a new post during the weekend but since my brother came home from Naga and I don’t really feel like doing much during the weekend (lazy ass), I actually am writing this the last minute before I get sucked in by my Sunday Evening Syndrome.

A lot of people have been commenting on my recent obsession with Korean pop culture (well, not really, it’s just what people think but IDK) which was spurred by my recent addiction to watching Korean Dramas. My brother opposes it so much he keeps on telling me, “You listen to KPop now?!” with the intention of making me feel all awkward and stupid, which, yes, I do feel whenever he taunts me.

But in my defense, I don’t think I’m really a KPop fan. I actually just started liking one Korean boy band only because of their (his *ehem Yoochun ehem*) talent. I mean, have you listened to their live performances? Wow. They just have these moments where their voices just take your breath away and you’re left basking in the beauty of that moment and the atmosphere that they leave.

Yes, I admit, I’ve been listening to songs that may fall under the “KPop genre” but I don’t really think I’m a KPop fan. I guess you can say I respect and admire talent if I really see talent and boy, have they got talent. No kidding.

And that’s we’re I’ve been lately. I’ve been in this place where I have gone into a limbo just admiring their art, and of course, fangirling. 😛

My mom’s been worried I’ve been unproductive during the weekends because of that but I am hoping I get to channel my admiration into creativity. Besides, I actually am getting to learn a bit of Korean which I don’t think isn’t bad at all. I feel happy whenever I get to read some random phrases in Hangul and understand what they mean.

So if you see me posting stuff in Hangul on my facebook page or my Twitter just know that it’s just me practicing what I’m trying to learn.

You see, sometimes you just have to have a wee bit of addiction to get yourself fueled for the day and lately I’ve just been happy admiring people’s crafts and it just so happens that one of them is Korean. 😉

For now I’ll leave you with a video of one of their live performances that leaves me breathless every time I listen to it.

Oh, and KPop? I actually like their Japanese songs more.

1 thought on “What do you do when you’ve got your fangirling mode on?”

  • “I actually am getting to learn a bit of Korean which I don’t think isn’t bad at all. ” –Hehe, the perks of being obsessed with Korean pop stars/actors.XD

    Nah I never got into that phase (perhaps not yet! Hahaha) but hey getting into something new is refreshing, yes? 😀 Go on and enjoy fangirling~

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