Category: Musings

What do you do when you’ve got your fangirling mode on?

Use your bias’s photo as your Twitter header! So I know I promised last week I’d make a new post during the weekend but since my brother came home from Naga and I don’t really feel like doing much during the weekend (lazy ass), I […]

An attempt at poetry after a long lull

Let me write this here before all is forgotten. Let me write this here before I lose that spark. I had been listening to Benedict Cumberbatch’s reading of John Keat’s Ode to a Nightingale the whole day and the following verse just came out almost […]

Lost in My (Their) Own Little World

It’s a season of rain and typhoons again and at nights like this one where the wind is howling against the windows and big raindrops are falling on the rooftop, I wish there was someone lying in his bed, wide awake and thinking of me […]

I’m Lovesick Somewhere Tonight

Am I even on your mind? There has been that nagging and inexplicable feeling again as if I have a rock at the bottom of my stomach or a lump in my throat. I guess it will always be like this when you’re trying to […]

All the way to the edge of desire

There was that inexplicable feeling that I always felt whenever I was about to turn to the last page of a book. I felt my breath hitch as I read the last few words that led on to the last page and then on to […]