God Put a New Song in My Mouth

God Put a New Song in My Mouth

I like keeping journals and/or updating my social media with photos or quotes that fancy my whim. What’s interesting is that when I get back to these little snippets of my life, I’m often blown away whenever I come across something I never thought I’d post or write.

For the past year, I felt ashamed of who I was before Christ that every now and then I cower in fear at the thought of how the new people in my life will react when they see who I was before. I avoided going back and seeing who I was in a different set of lens because sometimes, when you’re a new Christian like me, we forget to take off that slave mentality. We’ve made a mess of our past, not deserving of any kind of mercy, grace, or even love, that it’s hard to wrap our head around the fact that Jesus has already paid for everything in our place the moment we accepted Him in our lives. And that’s where we go wrong. Because apart from being saved, we have also been freed. Our bonds have been broken free the moment we repented and accepted the truth in Jesus.

Last week, I was trying to look for a verse that I knew I had posted on my Facebook timeline last year because it spoke to me at the time. To my surprise, I found another verse in the Book of Psalms that I posted in 2011. I do not recall reading the Bible that time so I’m not sure where I came by it and why it spoke to me that I was urged to post it, but I did post it. If you ask me if I understood what it meant during that time, I can’t say for sure…but coming across it now brings even more meaning.

He put a new song in my mouth,

a hymn of praise to our God.

Many will see and fear the Lord

and put their trust in him.

Psalm 40:3

God put a new song in my mouth. He is doing a new thing. I can feel it. He wants me to do some work for Him in His Name. And I am excited for it.

It’s not to say that the horrors and monsters have been completely abolished in my life; and it’s not to say that I no longer have any shortcomings (I still do) because the enemy will always seek for ways to snatch us away from the Father. But there’s a new found strength that we’ve been given when we accepted the Holy Spirit to work in our lives. There’s that truth that all good things come from the Father, that He’s the only one who can sustain us and our needs.

And so, I accept it, God. I invite You to do that new thing. Bless me, polish me, perfect me, do what You will and I will only bow down and worship You because You have put a new song in my mouth!

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