While You’re Sleeping…

While You’re Sleeping…

Dearest MB,

Today we celebrated our wedding anniversary, a first of many more blessed years to come, I’m sure. I can’t help but smile as I write this and look back on the past year that we have spent as husband and wife.

We don’t always like the same things. We could be in the same room the whole day and be doing different things—you’d be on your laptop or PS4, playing your video games, while I’d be plopped in bed, reading from my Kindle. You love chocolate desserts, I prefer mine fruity. You like experimenting with food, I stick to the recipe. You like watching sci-fi shows, I prefer watching crime shows. The list could just go on…

I remember telling a friend last year, before we got married, how we have different tastes and interests and to her that seemed strange. It made me think, too. Not of how strange it would be for me to marry you but how never in a million years would I have thought I’d be marrying a friend from my youth. Until now it blows me away. I would have never thought that. Our friends would not have thought that.

But I guess, that’s the thing about God, our Divine Author. He had already prepared the way even before we answered His call. We may stumble and fall, but He will surely pick us up, and what the enemy intended for evil, God can restore it for His glory, for He has already set us apart by His Name.

So while we may be different in the flesh, we have the same Spirit, and through that same Spirit, we are one.

Funny, because as I started writing this, the phrase, “Things fall apart, the center cannot hold,” was impressed in my mind. It’s one of the quotes printed in Things Fall by Chinua Achebe, a novel that we read in high school. While the story of the novel is not related to what I’m writing, it made me think that things will fall apart if the center cannot hold. But we don’t have to worry about that because we have a firm foundation.

I thank God that I can always look to you and see a man after His own heart and I’m thankful that He continues to shower you with His love because I get to be a recipient of the overflow whenever He just rains heaven down on you. I’m just so, soooo glad that the vow I wrote to you a year ago is relevant yesterday, today, and for eternity.

M, we were two friends who barely talked to each other and never had the same interests. Until now it blows me away that after all those years we are coming to this very moment. Who knew that after all our wandering and getting lost in a dark, seemingly-never-ending tunnel, we’d actually find a glimmer of light? Not just the kind of light that poets and artists write about but The Light? Today is more about God than it is about the two of us. He takes the credit for how He could magnificently orchestrate everything in the last fourteen years that we have known each other. This is a testimony of how He seeks and restores everything back to Him. Everything in His perfect time. Today, in front of everyone, we dedicate and humble ourselves before God. He is more than our witness, He is the center that holds and binds us in perfect harmony. Just as God has  chosen you to be my partner in life, today, I choose to love you and honor you as my husband. I accept and receive all the promises that He has given us. I vow to love, above all else, because God is love, seeking Him in all the days of our lives just as He sought us. I vow to encourage you in times of difficulties just as God has encouraged us. I vow to serve and respect you and your God-given authority as you lead our family. This is where I end. And this is where we begin. I am forever thankful for God because there is no greater author of our story than Him and I look forward to greater joy as we walk together under His light and through eternity. I love you.

Happy Anniversary, Mahal.

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