30 Day Challenge Reboot

I never really thought that I’d be having a hard time doing the 30 day challenge I started last June 28th. At first, yes, I had doubts about my character, wondering if I could do the same routine for 30 days but after a week, I felt motivated and I really wanted to push through with what I started. But there was one thing I didn’t consider when I started the 30 day challenge—my period.

Obviously, I’m a girl and I’m already on my early twenties so yeah, I get my period every month. And the thing is, during the first day of my menstruation, I often feel dizzy that I’d rather just lie down in bed and not do anything.

So last last Friday (July 8) was the first day of my menstruation, and boy, when I woke up I felt like I was going to have a fever. I really felt sick that the moment I was roused from sleep that I asked myself if I should still go my job interview that day. I felt so sick (probably because I also had cough and colds) that I didn’t get to do the routine that day, but I still went to the interview because I really didn’t want to blow my chance.

My period lasted for about more than a week; yesterday was my last (could you believe that? If you’re a guy, believe me, you’re lucky you don’t bleed every month.) and I haven’t been doing the routine since. But today when I woke up, I said to myself, “What the heck, I will do it all over again and go back to square one because I need this, because for once in my life I want to keep a healthy routine for myself. I don’t care if I go back to zero. I just need to finish this thing.”

So I decided on a 30 day challenge reboot and today’s Day 1 once again. I just finished for the day and this is what I looked like after the whole routine:

30 Day Challenge Reboot Day 1

The top I’m wearing is not really a half top but I folded it up before starting the routine because I wanted to see if I had the right form in all of the exercises.

I actually thought that I’d be feeling muscle pains once I finished because I stopped doing the routine for more than a week, but I was wrong! I don’t feel body pain all over! 😀 I even did all but one exercise in the whole routine perfectly! I feel some sense of achievement knowing that I have stronger arms now than I had before. So now my main goal is to have a slimmer tummy once I finish the 30 days once again. I also hope to perfect the hardest exercise or form in the routine. I’m actually quite excited about finishing this because I already have a new 30 day challenge in mind once I finish his! Wish me luck! 🙂

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If you’ve read this post, well then, thank you! 🙂

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