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Back to Bellydancing

When 2014 kicked in, I resolved to putting an effort to always look good when I go to work. I work the night shift and you’re probably saying, “What’s the point? Nobody would probably care about how you would look anyway,” but after feeling like […]

30 Day Challenge Reboot

I never really thought that I’d be having a hard time doing the 30 day challenge I started last June 28th. At first, yes, I had doubts about my character, wondering if I could do the same routine for 30 days but after a week, […]

New 30 Day Challenge: Bellydance for the Arms and Abs

I know, I know. It kind of sounds weird to say that I started bellydancing, especially when you imagine that general picture of bellydancing women showing their belly (whether they have flat tummies or not) with some gold ornaments dangling on the shawl or scarf […]