On a More Personal Note

When you grew up watching fairy tales and actually roleplaying any of the Disney Princesses, sometimes you get hopeful to find that prince charming ready to take you away to a happily ever after. After a while kids grow into teens and then into adults that some are faced with the realities of life and somehow lose that hope of a fairy tale type of story. But I guess somewhere along the way, I grew fixated over that dream that sometimes I wonder if am I too stupid to hope that somewhere, somehow, someday my prince will come.

I’ve been told I fall in love too easily too fast. I’ve been told I’m naïve. It’s like it’s already something that even I can’t seem to control. It just emanates from me. And all of my friends have been telling me to guard my heart and don’t fall for the shitty guy ruse anymore but somehow I almost always do and I’ve often thought that what if I may never find that one guy who would love me and won’t ever take me for granted? What if I would end up being alone?

But that’s beside the point! I know I am still too young to be troubled of things like this but it’s like it’s the one thing that’s been nagging me every day, even more so in the last couple of weeks. And it doesn’t help the fact that I am scared. Scared that if I took that risk of falling in love again, I’d fall into another sinking pit and I may never come back up.

I am still hopeful though. Hopeful that someday I’d find someone who would not bring me down but instead make me feel even more that I am good enough, who would be willing enough to support even the craziest dreams that I have in life whether it is to pursue my dream of being part of a musical production or travel around the world and look at all the historical monuments and admire their art museums, who would love me and won’t be afraid to show it.

Maybe, just maybe, God hasn’t written that part of my story yet. And with overflowing hope I wish that I would not fall for that shitty guy ruse anymore and that someday I would find that someone deserving of my love and affection.

“True love is someone who will not eclipse our glow—only enhance it.”

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