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I’m Still Right Here and I Haven’t Given Up

This was written last August on one of my other blogs somewhere but I decided to post this here now because it’s something I want to share to the public. I started dreaming of becoming a writer when I was ten or eleven years old. […]

The Weekend After the Storm

On Thursday morning I received a text from my mom telling me to just work from home in the evening because she found out a storm was about to hit the country. I was already out drinking with friends then but I heeded her advice […]

On a More Personal Note

When you grew up watching fairy tales and actually roleplaying any of the Disney Princesses, sometimes you get hopeful to find that prince charming ready to take you away to a happily ever after. After a while kids grow into teens and then into adults […]

One Step at a Time

It’s been more than a month (going on two, actually) that I started working. To be honest, I had such a hard time getting the courage to actually write my resume or CV because I felt that I wasn’t good enough. I was having second […]

Christopher Gutierrez to Me

What happened twelve hours ago seems so surreal right now and I don’t really know why it happened but it did. I was hoping for an e-mail from him if ever he received the letter but instead I got something better and I just feel […]