The Weekend After the Storm

After the storm

On Thursday morning I received a text from my mom telling me to just work from home in the evening because she found out a storm was about to hit the country. I was already out drinking with friends then but I heeded her advice and went back to the office to fetch my office laptop.

I spent the evening working at our dining area at home while the storm was brewing outside. It wasn’t until around four or five in the morning that it started raining non-stop.

Once my shift ended, I moved to the bedroom and decided to curl up in bed and enjoy my rest with the cool bed weather. I woke up at around eleven and realized that the it was already raining harder and I could hear the wind howling outside.

Shortly after that we lost our electricity. I feared that the power outage would last until today so I decided to take advantage of still being able to read before it went completely dark in the evening.

I picked up Lisa Kleypas’ Tempt Me at Twilight which I had borrowed from a friend. I read it for the rest of the afternoon but finished it before dark so I decided to read Lang Leav’s Lullabies afterwards. It was a productive afternoon!

Tempt Me at Twilight and Lullabies

Although it was nice to not have to use the a/c last night I was already missing the sunny weather when the week started. There were flooded areas in the metro and other parts of the country because of the torrential rains. Hopefully the floods have subsided by now and we can all go back to normal programming.

Currently I am reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Narrative of John Smith as well as Christopher Gutierrez and Keltie Colleen’s The Imperfections of James and Kate.

The Narrative of John Smith and The Imperfections of James and Kate

And right now I am looking forward to an afternoon of musical marathon with my love tomorrow!

How about you, how are you spending your weekend? 🙂

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  • The rainfall last Friday was horrible! I was determined to go to work as well but my mom insisted that I should stay in instead, and damn she was right: from Yellow Rainfall Warning it escalated to Red Rainfall Warning.>.< I was a bit upset since I had plans for Friday but you cannot really control the weather. ^^; At least you guys are safe and well!

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