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Book Review: “…Then What?” by Kella Roberts

“…Then What?”: 350+ Random First Lines, (already thought up so you don’t have to) by Kella Roberts Available on Amazon How often have you thought of The Greatest Idea Ever, only to find defeat inside a blank page? That dreaded first line stymies every author […]

I’m Still Right Here and I Haven’t Given Up

This was written last August on one of my other blogs somewhere but I decided to post this here now because it’s something I want to share to the public. I started dreaming of becoming a writer when I was ten or eleven years old. […]

The Weekend After the Storm

On Thursday morning I received a text from my mom telling me to just work from home in the evening because she found out a storm was about to hit the country. I was already out drinking with friends then but I heeded her advice […]

Heartstrung Now Available on Createspace, Amazon and Kindle!

IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! To my friends from all over the world who have been asking about when the book’s going to be available, it’s finally here. You can purchase or order Heatrstrung¬†from the following: Createspace Amazon Kindle I decided to release the links to the […]

Why I am proud of Heartstrung

It is a known fact that I have always wanted to publish a book. Back in high school, I loved writing poems and I would be quite giddy every time one of them gets included in the literary section of our school newspaper. I was […]