Book Review: “…Then What?” by Kella Roberts

51wMigxzFCL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_“…Then What?”: 350+ Random First Lines, (already thought up so you don’t have to) by Kella Roberts
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How often have you thought of The Greatest Idea Ever, only to find defeat inside a blank page? That dreaded first line stymies every author at some point or another. These pages are filled with random first lines, ranging in point-of-view, subject, and tension. This is a creative writing prompt book for those writers who need a gentle push… or a piano dropped on their heads!

Every fiction writer has their own process of putting their ideas into words. Most people would think that if a writer already has all the details he or she would need to write a story then writing it down wouldn’t be much of a problem anymore. While that might be the case for some, a lot of writers are still faced with having to find the Perfect First Line for their story.

With over three hundred random first lines, this book just might be the perfect companion to help you get started with writing your story. Some are armed with wit, sarcasm, and humor while some pose an introduction to a dark themed story line. The collection also uses a variety of POVs, emotions, time setting, and character types; while the themes could range from coming of age, betrayal, hopelessness, power, conspiracy, etc. The possibilities are endless if you let your imagination run wild with each line.

While I couldn’t relate to some of the American references in the book since I’ve lived my whole life in the Philippines, there were quite a lot that got me thinking of what could possibly happen next. One great activity that could be done with this book is to pick a random number and start building a story from the RFL (random first line) on that page. It’s a great writing exercise, don’t you think? 😉

If you’re a writer who’s trying to overcome the blank page woes or you’re just simply looking for improv challenges to take on, then this book is for you to give you the writing itch that you need!

Here are some of my favorite lines from the book that could be just about anything:

I never wanted to set fire to the high school, but these things can’t always be avoided.

In space, no one can hear you have sex.

Over the house, under the bed; two can keep a secret if one of us is dead…

If anyone reads this, it’s too late: I’ve done it.

The author, Kella Roberts, is also planning to write a series of these writing prompt books complete with companion worksheets. You may follow her Goodreads account here for updates.

The book is currently available on Amazon in paperback or as an eBook, so get your copy now! 🙂

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