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We Won’t Go ‘Cause We Don’t Know How to Quit.

I’m still right here and I haven’t given up. Changes and lots more to come to this website soon. Stay tuned. 😉 I will defend the faith, going down swinging. I will save the songs and we can’t stop singing.

Music Mondays #3: Tahimik – Bingbong Badillo + Buhay Album Giveaway!

This would be the first time that I am featuring an original Filipino song on this blog and it’s a song that’s been on my playlist ever since I first listened to it. Bingbong Badillo was a schoolmate of mine in UP Rural High School. […]

Why I am proud of Heartstrung

It is a known fact that I have always wanted to publish a book. Back in high school, I loved writing poems and I would be quite giddy every time one of them gets included in the literary section of our school newspaper. I was […]

Working on Working It

They say happiness is a choice. But sometimes there are people like me who tend to gravitate to a certain kind of sadness—one that can’t clearly be explained but just felt. In moments like this, it is important to not let the sadness eat you […]

Back to Bellydancing

When 2014 kicked in, I resolved to putting an effort to always look good when I go to work. I work the night shift and you’re probably saying, “What’s the point? Nobody would probably care about how you would look anyway,” but after feeling like […]