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Throwback Thursdays #1: Britney I Can Treat You Better

I used to keep a deviantART account back in high school but some time in college I had to take down all of my artworks there because of some reason I do not really want to talk about anymore. Yes, I drew. Not really good […]

Now I know what it feels like to be goddamn Pete Wentz

I have been reading Pete Wentz‘s recently released book, Gray. I pre-ordered it off Kindle and I have always been so excited about it ever since I found out that Pete was writing a book. It was what I had been waiting from him ever […]

She lived just off of a town called Naivety.

I sit now and remember that one blog post of Pete where he wrote about the two connotations of change– that though change is bound to happen, there are some things that are innate, some things that are already hidden within our very core that […]