Throwback Thursdays #1: Britney I Can Treat You Better

Britney I Can Treat You Better

I used to keep a deviantART account back in high school but some time in college I had to take down all of my artworks there because of some reason I do not really want to talk about anymore.

Yes, I drew. Not really good but I had some pretty decent stuff and one of them was this.

I had planned on re-uploading the artworks I used to have there but I haven’t really gotten around to scanning all of them again. It’s too bad I also lost some of them and I don’t have the digital scans of them anymore. Up to this day I really regret caving into something and having to take them all down. 🙁

So to jumpstart my Throwback Thursdays post I decided to scan one of those drawings and I chose to upload this one.

My reference was one of Pete Wentz‘s old buzznet photos which he captioned with the words, The obligatory angle. This is actually one of my favorites even though it’s fairly simple with my reason being that I drew this without having to outline anything with a pencil. I used colored pencils directly and it doesn’t look too different from the reference photo, so yay me! 🙂

So, what do you think?

Hopefully, like my writing, I would get to draw some stuff again and fill my deviantART with new artworks. I just need to completely get out of this rut I am in. *fingers crossed*

Till the next Throwback Thursdays post!^^

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