[PHILANTHROPY] How to Participate in jyj3.net’s Fan Project Donation for UNAIDS

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I’ve been lurking around the Internet recently satisfying my fandom and simply reading other people’s blogs and it was just last week that I decided to join in on jyj3.net’s General All-Purpose Post.

If you aren’t a JYJ fan or you are but you haven’t gone to jyj3.net, a General All-Purpose Post is basically a daily post in their website where fans can post freely about Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong. It’s were regulars catch up on each other or post various photos of the members (mostly of Jaejoong, as I have noticed so far, heh 😛 ). Since I like to meet people randomly from time to time, I decided to chime in on the fun that one afternoon because I was simply bored (and sleepy) out of my wits at work.

That was when one of the fans posted a comment asking about the UNAIDS Fan Project for JYJ. I have followed jyj3.net’s official twitter ever since I became a fan and I’ve always noticed the posts about the fan project but I really didn’t have the time to look into it before. But that afternoon, I decided, “Hey, I still have some money to spare. Why not check it out and give a donation?

As mentioned in the post, “JYJ was named Regional Goodwill Ambassadors for UNAIDS in the Asia-Pacific Region in 2011” (way to go! 😀 ). It was actually very apropos since that was around the World AIDS Day which was dedicated to raise awareness. Since this fan project was to help such a good cause I didn’t hesitate to help even just a little.

I quickly logged onto my Paypal account so I could place my donation. However, I didn’t know exactly where to place it. I’ve asked for some help but no one really got to answer exactly how to make the donation via Paypal. I guess this post is my way of helping a little bit more for this fan project and cause! So if you’re a JYJ fan (or even if you’re not but you’re still interested to make a donation), here’s how you send your donations through Paypal to project@jyj3admin.net:

1. Log onto your Paypal account

2. Once you’ve already logged in, you will see a link on the navigation panel just below the header image called “Send Payment”. Click that link.


3. In the first Send Payment page, type in project@jyj3admin.net on the To text box and then click the Personal Payments tab and choose Others (as pictured below) then click Continue.


4, In the second Send Payment page, review your payment. Don’t forget to include your Name and Country on the message box below! After filling in your name and country details, click the Send Payment button at the bottom.


It’s easy right? I had no one to point me to the right direction when I wanted to make a donation but thankfully, I was able to navigate myself around Paypal. I’m sharing this here in case there are fans (or non fans) who’d like to make a donation but don’t know how to.

Christmas is nearing and wouldn’t it be nice to do something special for other people? So if you guys have some extra cash/money to spare, make the donation! 🙂 Every dollar counts!

If any of you guys have any questions regarding the steps on how to make a donation, feel free to leave a comment on this post or send a message through my contact page and I’ll try and help you as much as I can.

For more details regarding the UNAIDS JYJ Fan Project, click here.

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