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믹키 파티 필리핀 스타일 (Micky Party Philippine Style)~!

Yesterday was a day to celebrate. Ever since I became a fan of JYJ, I’ve always wanted to join a birthday celebration of any of the members that’s why when May was about to end, I was eager to join in on a Micky Party […]

Why I Will Continue to Love Park Yoochun (Even if 300 Years Will Pass)

So I recently joined this contest by Tony Moly Philippines where fans would show how much they love Park Yoochun. And while I was whiling away with my thoughts on the bus ride home, trying to think of how to get people to see and […]

Kicking It into Gear

The past week has just been wonderful and full of blessings that I wanted to write a recap of the awesome week I have had. To summarize: JYJ, website updates, PROMOTION!, Korean language class. A big thanks to everyone who made my week back at […]

[Photo Post] The JYJ Magazine

After three weeks of being locked up at home (more on this later), I was finally able to come back to the office today! YAY! And what better way to welcome me back to work than to receive a package I’ve been waiting for since […]

[PHILANTHROPY] How to Participate in jyj3.net’s Fan Project Donation for UNAIDS

Photo credit: Tony Moly I’ve been lurking around the Internet recently satisfying my fandom and simply reading other people’s blogs and it was just last week that I decided to join in on jyj3.net’s General All-Purpose Post. If you aren’t a JYJ fan or you […]