[Photo Post] The JYJ Magazine

After three weeks of being locked up at home (more on this later), I was finally able to come back to the office today! YAY! And what better way to welcome me back to work than to receive a package I’ve been waiting for since last January!

It seems getting JYJ-related deliveries always has great timing. I got my Yoochun Elle Mag just in time for Valentine’s and now The JYJ Magazine arrives just in tme for White Day!

I ordered this magazine from a new found online friend who also happens to be Yoochun-biased and she owns this online shop called, Fan Paradise KShop where they sell various KPop merchandise imported from Korea. (If you guys are KPop enthusiasts, feel free to check out their Facebook page!)

I didn’t want to ruin anything so I waited till I got home before opening the package. I was really tempted to open it at work but I fought the temptation! Haha

Anyway, let me start the photo spam of some photos I snapped while browsing through the pages…

The JYJ Magazine

The JYJ Magazine

I also did not expect to get any freebies but apparently, Fan Paradise KShop included a Jaejoong button pin and keychain with the order.^^

The JYJ Magazine

The freebies

The JYJ Magazine

Minnie Jaejoong

The JYJ Magazine

Yoochun ♥

The JYJ Magazine

Pretty Junsu

The JYJ Magazine

The JYJ Magazine


The JYJ Magazine

The JYJ Magazine also comes with a DVD

This magazine has been released since early February and since then I deliberately tried to ignore all posts related to this magazine because I didn’t want to spoil myself. The pages are in Korean and though I still am learning the basics, I’m taking this as a challenge to learn the language more since I have not read any of the posts that have translated this magazine’s pages. I guess you can say I actually am taking fangirling to another level. Haha!

I have not yet opened the DVD enclosed until now and I’m planning to wait until the weekend since I have a lot work that got piled up after I got sick for two weeks~ I’m really excited about it though!

If there’s anything that’s keeping me motivated right now, it’s these boys. And I’m really happy that my fangirling isn’t a distraction but rather an inspiration to keep this blog going and to work harder~ As they say in Korea, 화이팅 (fighting)!

I hope you guys enjoyed the mini photo spam I did tonight~ I wish I could have taken more photos but I really just crammed it up since I’ve been busy today.

Oh, and tune in tomorrow because I’m planning to have a White Day post!

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Thank you for reading this post! 정말 감사합니다!

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