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Throwback Thursdays #2: Tohoshinki’s Rising Sun MV

Last night, I was trying not to hear a very unpleasant sound at the office (I’ve been working the night shift for two months now). I’d rather not describe how it was because it’s pretty TMI and gross and I’m sure you wouldn’t really like […]

Music Mondays #1: Begin – 東方神起

I mentioned in my previous post how I have a lot of plans for this website—one of which is to have weekly themed posts for the blog. One of the weekly themed posts I have come up with, as you can see pictured above is […]

[Photo Post] The JYJ Magazine

After three weeks of being locked up at home (more on this later), I was finally able to come back to the office today! YAY! And what better way to welcome me back to work than to receive a package I’ve been waiting for since […]

[PHILANTHROPY] How to Participate in jyj3.net’s Fan Project Donation for UNAIDS

Photo credit: Tony Moly I’ve been lurking around the Internet recently satisfying my fandom and simply reading other people’s blogs and it was just last week that I decided to join in on jyj3.net’s General All-Purpose Post. If you aren’t a JYJ fan or you […]

Proud of Your Love~ A TVXQ/JYJ Appreciation Post

Have you ever been hit by something so beautiful and powerful at the same time that you find yourself taking two steps back and you feel as if time stopped even for just a split second? Have you ever found yourself standing there just mesmerized […]