Heartstrung: Book Announcement & Cover Reveal

I have mentioned in this blog before that I’ve been meaning to self-publish a book. I wanted my first self-published book to be a collection of the things I have written in the past that I was forced to hide because I couldn’t deal with being judged by what I have written.

As early as September last year, I didn’t want to hide anymore so I decided that I needed to finally come out and actually start working on finishing a book.

By December last year, I have already finished the first draft and submitted the manuscript on Createspace, an Amazon company that provides self-publishing services for free. After finishing the first draft, I ordered five book proof copies.

It actually took a while for me to receive the book proofs since they will be coming in from Charleston and I happen to be based in the Philippines. The shipping and the custom charges were also a pain but I really wanted to get the book out and soon.

Since February, I have been spending my weekends editing and proofreading my book. I hardly had any time during the weekdays because I was also busy with my day job (or night job for that matter lol). I’ve had some revisions here and there to improve what I’ve accomplished with the first draft. Now I am happy to announce that I’ve finally come with the final draft that I am completely happy with.


Heartstrung, as I have called the book, contains the poems, vignettes, and musings that I have written all the way from 2003 to 2013. It’s a decade’s worth of words strung together by a girl who loves to write whether to inspire or to provoke emotion. This volume also contains some illustrations I have drawn myself.

The book will be released next weekend (April 19, 2014) on Createspace and Amazon. I am also planning to release the book in Kindle format for those interested to read the book using their e-readers or mobile devices.

As for my Filipino friends who are willing to get a copy of the book, I am also planning on releasing the book locally. Right now I am in the process of looking for a local printer that could produce the book for only less than 500 pesos apiece but with good quality. Keep checking this blog or like my Facebook fanpage to get updates once the sign up form for local orders is set up.

This book is my coming out of sorts. I’ve worked really hard into putting this book together so I would appreciate it if you support the release of this book. I’m hoping this is only just the first of many books to come. 😀

Support independent artists. Support Filipino writers.

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