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Heartstrung: Book Announcement & Cover Reveal

I have mentioned in this blog before that I’ve been meaning to self-publish a book. I wanted my first self-published book to be a collection of the things I have written in the past that I was forced to hide because I couldn’t deal with […]

Sarai’s Blog Challenge: #27 Why do you blog? What got you started?

During my sophomore year in high school, we were taught basic HTML (not really sure if we were taught CSS as well, but you get the idea.) Those were the days when I was amazed at the idea of having your own personalized web page […]

Coding Progress and the Operation Smile Fundraiser

As I have posted on Twitter and Facebook, the basic codes that I needed for posting new blog entries and editing the existing ones are done. I used an open source javascript WYSIWYG editor called TinyMCE and as you can see with this post (I am using […]

trishasales.net has a new layout

After less than two days, I have come up with this new design for trishasales.net. I got tired of my old dark background layout so I made this new one fresh and light. I hope you like it! 🙂 While the layout is new, I will […]