Sarai’s Blog Challenge: #34 What do you frequently spend money on?

Sarai's Blogging Challenge


*in Hermione Granger’s accent and voice* Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? I can’t keep my hands from buying books! I get almost catatonic when I come into a bookstore that I can’t seem to leave without purchasing any book from it!

I sometimes feel like I have a serious problem especially ever since I got a job and started earning some money that I’ve invested a lot of money on said books. It’s like I’m Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella but instead of being addicted to buying designer clothes and bags, I’m addicted to buying books. I keep buying all these books I’d love to read even though I already have a number of books still waiting to be read! (Don’t get me wrong. I do plan on reading them all, I just didn’t get to schedule myself to read regularly so they started to pile up. Good thing I now have a semi-regular reading schedule now so I could reach my goal of 50 books for 2012! Tadaaaa~!)

But just this weekend, I realized that I have to stop buying books for a while now (even though National Bookstore has a sale until April 15th). It’s not because I’ve realized that I still have a lot to finish reading but because I don’t have any place for more at home, like seriously. My bookshelves are full. :'(

Bookshelf 1

Bookshelf 1 (located inside our room)

Bookshelf 2

Bookshelf 2 (located in our living room)

With such a small house as ours, we can’t afford to buy another bookshelf to house new books. My only hope is to either buy a new house where I could have an entire room for my precious books (but obviously I can’t afford that yet, heh 😛 ) or get a bookshelf done around the walls of our room just beneath the ceiling. I personally prefer the former option but like I said, I can’t afford that yet. So maybe I need to save up for the bookshelf idea. Until then I should not buy another set of books. *Must. Resist. Temptation.*

7 thoughts on “Sarai’s Blog Challenge: #34 What do you frequently spend money on?”

  • I was the same way before I got a Nook simple touch. I would buy used books or new books all the time, and I could really spend hours at a library. I kind of miss that.

  • WHOA! How did you get into my room?! And more importantly… how did you get into my head? :O

    Because this whole entry is so me. I don’t get catatonic in a bookstore. I get all excited and bright-eyed and start running all over the place checking everything out. And before I know it, I find my arms full with a truckload of books. Luckily I still have some space on my shelves, but not too much. Still, I always have the top of the nightstand, wardrobe, the floor etc etc 😛

  • I know exactly how you feel, Trisha. Apparently, earning your own money has its ups and downs. One of its downsides is you don’t have your own financial manager (yet! haha) and you tend to splurge on things–especially obsessions–such as books! Worst case scenario is Book Sale! How can you resist purchasing great finds there when you have the money?!

    It takes a lot of time to practice self-control/self-discipline especially when it comes to books. We have the same problem, Trisha, and I don’t think buying more books (even though we have a LOT of books waiting to be read) is the cure for this obsession.XD

  • All our shelves are full too, so I have books piled everywhere in the house. And in boxes in the closet too! I can\’t stop buying though, it’s like a disease!

  • I’m addicted to buying books too. I have far too many. I spent hundreds of dollars shipping some across the world (because I like to live in different countries). T_T The ironic thing is that I have an ebook reader and I use it. I just buy other books as well.

    My parents’ house is full of my books. My bookshelves in my apartment are getting fairly full too. Oh well. It’s a form of retail therapy.

  • I should also cease buying books for now especially that I haven’t started working yet. Err, but it worries me that I could be so obsess with clothes/shoes and books soon.

  • Maybe I will start looking for bookshelves too, I don’t have a lot of books like that but eager to buy books I liked if I’ve seen something. 😀

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